AccuCal Services

AccuCal offers a full range of metering services from Design, Assembly, Installation, Calibration to Certification. The capability of AccuCal includes, but is not limited to:

Field Services

  • Accuracy Testing of Revenue Metering Components class 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 including,
    • Current Transformers up to and including 16000:1.
    • Voltage Transformers up to and including 220kV.
    • Revenue Meters.
    • Certification of all Revenue Metering Installations from CAT 1 – 5.
  • Installation of complete Revenue Metering systems.
  • Supply, assembly and wiring of meter panels.
  • Decommission removals.
  • Revenue Metering Inspections.
  • Comparative installation certification (End to End (E2E)) testing.


Specialist Services

  • Revenue Metering Design services
  • Programming and support for any make of meter available in New Zealand, specializing in ION meters.
  • Development of Bus selection totalisation scheme using ION Meters.
  • Support of ION Enterprise systems.
  • Special (ad hoc) meter reads.
  • Calibration of test lab standards.
  • Energy Management Audits – assessing power usage and power factor to manage/improve energy consumption.


MEP and Compliance Services

  • Registry updates and maintenance.
  • One stop services.


Communication Solution Services

  • Fault finding.
  • Multidrop meter communication connections.
  • Low signal remote location resolutions.
  • Communication hosting solution for sites that can’t have a conventional dial up meter communications.